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Helping you put some colour back into your life 

You can smile again


Here to help you...

On your grieving journey 

Grief can be just the loneliest experience

Everyone's there initially, but when the flowers have wilted and the cards stop dropping on the door mat who do you turn to?

Do you have a support group around you?

Who can you really talk to, without judgement and without everyone trying to 'fix' you?

How can you move forward when life just feels so heavy?

Hey there!

I'm Kate

Your Grief Coach / Positive Psychology Coach

Trying to navigate the journey of grief can be one of life’s most challenging experiences and I say this coming from my own experiences.

Panic attacks, numbness, massive overwhelm, lack of any motivation, so much sadness and all-consuming thoughts about my own life and where it was headed. I was so very exhausted and couldn't see how things would ever change. However, with support from therapists and coaches, out of the darkness emerged a whole new me! A new career and a newfound sense of purpose and meaning in my life which is why I am so thankful you are here because now I can help you too...


Using a mixture of grief recovery method techniques and positive psychology, together, we find hope and a path through the dark times with compassion and empathy, whilst being grounded in scientific principles that promote both resilience and revival.

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Choose what you need right now

Notebook and Pen
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Find what you need...

Where are you in your grief journey now and what do you need?

We are all at different stages on our grief journey and every single one of my clients needs something different...

- Maybe, you'd like to work with me closely on a one-to-one basis or maybe you'd like to be in my group programme and work with others on your grief in a supportive like-minded community

- You could be in the workplace and your teams need help with loss or individuals are struggling and need support. Maybe your managers need training around how to navigate loss in the workplace, if so my workplace grief support programme would be ideal

- Perhaps, you want to hear about others' journeys and hear what they have achieved in life despite carrying their grief, so my podcast would be ideal if you do

- Or, you just need to take some time to read about grief in which case my blogs and emails would be a great place to start.

Just take what you need right now.

Kind Words

Kate helped me understand grief and aided me in moving forward, accepting my sadness, and gave me the tools to help myself in the future with just 2 sessions.

I would never have thought of using a Grief Coach to help with grief, but am so pleased I did. Kate is a very professional, friendly, warm-hearted lady and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help.


Thank you Kate.


I was stuck in my grief having lost four people in a less than two years, two, which were premature deaths. I was also facing a divorce and having to split the assets and move house.

Kate’s communication style is clear, kind and direct. She is able to empathise and with her knowledge and experience, I was able to understand why I was feeling so sensitive, confused and angry with the world. Kate restored my sense of optimism, that the future could be better.


I cannot begin to thank her enough.


Having someone support me with no judgement but lots of empathy and with a practical recovery programme has been invaluable.


The process has been tough, as you would expect, but I now understand my grief on a deeper level, and feel in a stronger place and I now know how to be honest with how I feel.


Kate has helped me to acknowledge and adapt to my new normal.


Image by Nellie Adamyan

Take what you need

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